Is Your Internet Speed Slow❓

Broadband providers in Ireland advertise speeds from 100 mbps to a whopping 1,000 mbps in some cases. Not getting these speeds? Well, there is a catch. These advertised speeds ONLY refer to the maximum speed possible with your plan therefore you are left with the speeds that you did NOT expect. In many cases your speed is actually much slower than what you were advertised.

NOT HAPPY with your broadband speeds?

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Our Internet Speed Test Examines

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Ping
  • Jitter

How do I check my Broadband speed?

It is always a great idea to check your internet/broadband speed when you think it is under performing. The great news, testing your internet speed is very easy.

Simply go to the top of this page and click the “go” button to start our speed test.

Our test will show you various metrics that you can compare to what you were advertised by your internet provider but the main ones are download and upload speeds in Mbps.

What do my Speed Test Results Mean?

The most important metric of our internet speed test is “download speed” it is measured in mb/s and simply means how fast you can download files from the internet. With great download speeds you will be able to load internet pages or websites instantaneously and watch videos and movies in the highest quality possible without any hick-ups. If your download speeds are low then you will not be able to watch videos or movies in high quality and accessing websites will be quite slow.

“Upload Speed” means how fast you can send messages or upload files to the internet such as images and videos. Upload speeds are usually much slower than download speeds so do not worry if you see this. Remember download speeds is the main metric to look after when choosing a broadband provider.

“Ping” is measured in milliseconds and it indicates how fast your connection responds to a request from online applications , games and websites. Low ping will accelerate the response of your connection to the actions you take online.

“Jitter” is similar to Ping and is also measured in milliseconds. It shows how reliable your connection is in the long run.

What kind of broadband speeds should I have?

In most cases you would want the fastest broadband speeds available in the country, why? Well each device connected to the router in your home will slow down your connection. Below is a quick guide on what speeds to choose.

1-2 devices in your home = Broadband speed to be 25mb/s

3-5 devices in your home = Broadband speed to be 50-100mb/s

5 or more devices in your home = Broadband speed to be 150-200mb/s

How to Speed up my Broadband Connection?

  1. Restart your router by turning it off and on again
  2. Reposition your router by placing it higher above ground and closer to your device
  3. Remove obstacles between your router and internet devices
  4. Update your browser to make sure its up to date
  5. Protect your wifi with a secure password
  6. Switch to a faster provider that we recommend.